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3900 Newpark Mall Rd.
Newark, CA 94560 
Tel:  510-277-0191

Personal Injury Law & Litigation

  1. Injured People
  2. Dog Bite
  3. Auto Accidents

Committed to Results

We are an accident and personal injury law and litigation firm with head office in the city of Newark, Alameda County, California. We primarily serve clients in the Bay Area, but we also represent clients throughout the state on a case by case basis. We take a limited number of clients each year, provide personal and friendly service, and we take their cases to final resolution, either by negotiated settlement or by litigation. We specialize in car and motorcycle accidents, animal attacks, workplace injuries, slip and fall accidents and other situations where someone has been injured due to the negligence of others. 
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    After an Accident
    Sometimes injuries do not manifest unatil some time after an accident. For both health and insurance purposes if you feel you might be even slightly injured after an accident your first stop should be the ER or your family doctor.
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    The Legal Process
    First we get the facts in order to come to a good understanding of any case. Then we try to negotiate a fair settlement with the other party. It often works. When it doesn't, we are ready to take matters to the next level, the litigation process.
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    Strict Liability
    California is a "strict liability" state when it comes to dog bites. That means that dog owners cannot make excuses when their dog injures an innocent person. They must take legal responsibility for the injuries their animals cause.
  4. 4
    We negotiate when we can and we litigate when we have to. When those responsible for causing harm do not accept their duty to "make whole" the people they have injured, we step in to file a lawsuit and let the matter be judged in court.
Dedicated to Client Satisfaction​​
The firm was founded with a mission to represent those who have been seriously injured due to the negligent or intentional actions of others. We work hard to communicate with all parties involved in order to get the facts, evaluate the damage in the light most favorable to our clients, and then come up with a settlement that will provide the best results, often without the need for lengthy litigation and court appearances. All cases are handled personally by founding attorney John A. Comerford. Mr. Comerford is a trial attorney and member of the California State Bar, the Alameda Country Bar Association, the Alameda-Contra Costa Trial Lawyers Association, and Consumer Attorneys of California, and works closely with some of the finest legal minds in the state.  Check out our reviews on YELP and other consumer rating sites to see for yourself how we stand with our Clients.
Attorney John A. Comerford
"I believe in the legal system. It's what makes us a civilized society. It stands for those who have been damaged and does its best to "make them whole." I know very well that "unfair" and "unlawful" are separate and distinct terms, but I still believe that within the confines of existing laws we should do our best to do the right thing. I don't like it when people abuse the legal system for their own benefit, and when I come across such a situation it motivates me to work harder to make sure both my client and the system are protected." 
-   Attorney John Comerford 

Thanks to our experience and connections with law firms throughout the state and the nation, our clients enjoy small firm intimacy and easy access to their attorney with the added advantage of the best legal talent available. We get top results for our clients, often without the need for extended litigation or court appearances. 


Never a fee until we win your case.

Tel:  510-277-0191