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Pedestrian Injuries
It is estimated that a pedestrian is killed in a traffic crash every 113 minutes and injured every eight minutes. Among those particularly vulnerable are children and the elderly. Many times these accidents happen in parking lots, when cars back out of parking spaces and do not see people crossing behind them. Other times pedestrians are struck while they are in crosswalks by drivers who do not see them or who are distracted by cell phones or other activities. 

Pedestrians need to be on alert

It is commonly accepted that drivers of automobiles have a legal responsibility to be on the alert for pedestrians so as not to cause injury. Because of this, many pedestrians fail to pay attention to cars coming their way, and simply assume that the car will stop for them. This is a dangerous attitude and one that has caused many injuries to pedestrians who are not being vigilant.

Pedestrians should exercise the same care and caution that the drivers of cars are expected to exercise. Pedestrians should look both ways in a crosswalk, even when the crossing light is in their favor. When passing by cars in a parking lot, pedestrians should notice whether the car is on, and keep an eye out to see if the car begins to move. It is not a good idea to simply assume that car drivers will be vigilant or that they will obey the law at all times. 

Safety Precautions for Pedestrians

Pedestrians must take extra caution when they are exposed to construction or automobile traffic. It is especially mportant to teach children good safety procedures when they are walking near a road, crossing a road, passing a construction site or even just walking in a parking lot. In short, when people are out on the street they should always be aware of their surroundings and never simply trust that drivers and others in control of heavy machinery will be vigilant and look out for their safety.

​​What should I do in case I have an Accident?​​

     *Unless your accident was completely minor and you are sure you have no injuries, head straight for the         nearest Emergency Room or your family doctor for examination.

     *Get recommended treatment. Use your health insurance or auto policy medpay to pay. This ensures that you will not suffer damage to your credit score due to unpaid medical bills.
     *Organize and prepare all relevant medical, police, damage and health records.

     *Speak with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to determine the best course of action.
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How can Comerford Law Firm help me if I have an accident?

The last thing you need when you are injured is to deal with insurance adjustors asking for a statement about the accident, hospital billing staff asking how your bills will be paid, and all the other details that need to be taken care of after an accident happens. You should be spending your time recovering, not doing unfamiliar business. It's a familiar business to us, and we can help relieve you of much of the stress that comes after an accident. Comerford Law Firm diligently and zealously represents clients who have been injured in traffic, slip-and-fall, animal attack and other types of accidents. We take over communication and negotiations with insurance companies and medical providers so that you can recuperate without having to worry about financial harm that might be a result of the accident. 

Thanks to our experience and connections with law firms throughout the state and the nation, our clients enjoy small firm intimacy and easy access to their attorney with the added advantage of the best legal talent available. We get top results for our clients, often without the need for extended litigation or court appearances. 


Never a fee until we win your case.

Tel: 510-277-0191