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Dog Bites
Dogs are wonderful friends, pets and security instruments. Sometimes, though, they bite. In California, when a dog bites and injures a person, the owner of the dog is held to be strictly liable for the injuries sustained. The owner cannot avoid liability by claiming that the dog had never bitten anyone before, or had never shown aggressive tendencies, or was of a less aggressive breed. A person who keeps a dog has a strict responsibility to see that it does no harm to others.
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The Most Dangerous Breeds of Dogs

The five breeds of dogs most responsible for fatalities to humans:
                    1) Pit Bull (#1 by a wide margin)
                    2) Rottweiler
                    3) German Shepherd
                    4) Husky
                    5) Wolf-dog Hybrid

How do I get compensated for a dog bite?

​​​Compensation for dog bite injuries follows the same guidelines as with other types of injuries. Once liability is established, the damages must be evaluated. Past and future medical costs, lost income, detriment to lifestyle and pain and suffering must be examined and accounted for in order to come up with a fair settlement. Where a dog owner had notice of the dog's aggressive tendencies and did nothing to ensure the safety of others, punitive damages may also be available.

​​What should I do when I am bitten by a dog?​​

     *Head straight for the  nearest Emergency Room or your family doctor for examination.. No exceptions. The dog cold have some serious health problems that could cause you serious illness.

     *Report the incident to Animal Control. They will want to quarantine the animal to determine whether it should be allowed access to the public.
     *Organize and prepare all relevant medical, police, damage and health records.

     *Speak with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney to determine the best course of action.
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How can Comerford Law Firm help me if I am attacked by a dog?

The last thing you need when you are injured is to deal with insurance adjustors asking for a statement about the accident, hospital billing staff asking how your bills will be paid, and all the other details that need to be taken care of after an accident happens. You should be spending your time recovering, not doing unfamiliar business. It's a familiar business to us, and we can help relieve you of much of the stress that comes after an accident. Comerford Law Firm diligently and zealously represents clients who have been injured in traffic, slip-and-fall, animal attack and other types of accidents. We take over communication and negotiations with insurance companies and medical providers so that you can recuperate without having to worry about financial harm that might be a result of the accident.

Our system for handling dog bite cases

When we represent a new client the first thing we do is ensure that he or she is getting the appropriate medical treatment and that the treatment is being paid for so that our client will not be burdened later by financial problems stemming from treatment for the injuries. Next we send a letter of representation to all related insurance companies and medical providers, instructing them to deal primarily with our firm and not disturb the client or his or her family. This instantly provides our clients with the peace of mind that they can concentrate on recovery while their case is being taken care of by caring and dedicated professionals who are looking out for their interests. While treatment continues we monitor the case and provide periodic updates to insurance providers so they will better understand the nature and extent of the injuries, providing a factual basis for later settlement negotiations. Clear communication with all parties is the key to successful resolution.

When treatment is finished we organize and prepare all the relevant police and medical records in a Demand Letter to the insurance company of the responsible party, summarizing the accident and the injuries and demanding a certain amount of money in settlement. We  then negotiate with the company and do our best to negotiate a suitable settlement. We are proud of our record at settling cases before the need for lawsuits and litigation. Nevertheless, in those cases where negotiation does not succeed, such as when there is a genuine dispute over facts of the accident or the injuries, we are ready to file suit and take the case to the next level. It is important to note that because we take a limited number of cases each year, we are in regular communication with our clients. We always consult with them, explain their options, and make sure they are in informed agreement before taking any actions or making any settlement decisions.

Thanks to our experience and connections with law firms throughout the state and the nation, our clients enjoy small firm intimacy and easy access to their attorney with the added advantage of the best legal talent available. We get top results for our clients, often without the need for extended litigation or court appearances. ​​


Never a fee until we win your case.

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